Tools and Techniques for Improving Risk Management

Bruce Lyon, Vice President of Risk Management Services at Hays Companies, and Georgi Popov, professor in the School of Geoscience, Physics and Safety Sciences at the University of Central Missouri, share methods from the ISO 31010 Technical Report that can help you better identify, assess and manage workplace risks.

Full Body Harnesses: Staying Secure at Height

Rob Willis, Fall Protection Product Group Manager at MSA Safety and chair of the ANSI/ASSP Z359.11 Subcommittee joins the podcast to discuss the safe use of full body harnesses and the latest update of the ANSI/ASSP Z359.11 standard on safety requirements for full body harnesses.

Keeping a Safe Distance at Work

Sponsored by Amazon

Jane Bourke, Director of Workplace Health & Safety Technical Solutions at Amazon, and Sidd Srinivasa, Director of Robotics AI at Amazon, join the podcast to discuss Amazon’s Distance Assistant technology. This open-source innovation is supporting the health and safety of Amazon employees through improved physical distancing.